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St. Andrew's has its own library, located in the basement, with a good selection of books and videos for both adults and children.

Recent acquisitions include :

Leaving the Light On

By Gary Smalley and John Trent

Build the memories that will draw your kids home.

What kind of home do you want u your children to look back on years from now? Are you turning the lights of love and laughter and shared dreams in your children’s memories…lights that will tug at their thoughts and warm their hearts down the sometimes dark, sometimes winding road of life?

In the pages that follow you will find more than a dozen time tested concepts which can help you build a close-knit family. With God’s help…you can have the lightest, brightest home in the neighbourhood.

Old Turtle

by Douglas Wood
Watercolors by Cheng-Khee Chee

This story tells of the gift of wisdom and hope we get from knowing God and seeing him in one another.

This story tells of an argument that begin slowly at first among the creatures of the earth about who God was until it got so loud that Old Turtle put a stop to it by telling them that God is all that we dream of, all that we seek, all that we come from and all that we can find. Then the people came. They forgot that they were a message of love, and a prayer from the earth and they too began to argue and hurt each other and the earth until God through nature began to speak to them. Once they listened, they began to hear and see God in one another and in the beauty of the earth.

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