Létourneau Organ

"Let every instrument be tuned for praise!"
                                             ~ Fred Pratt Green


Orgues Létourneau Limitée


Quebec, Canada


This instrument, which was dedicated on Sunday 17 June 1990, is a tracker-action pipe organ with seven stops. It was designed and custom built for the St. Andrew's sanctuary by Orgues Létourneau Limitée who have a world-wide reputation as organ builders. There are no electrical parts inside the organ apart from the small motor that creates wind for the pipes. Each stop is a set of pipes capable of producing the full range of notes on the keyboard and having a distinctive tone as a group. Stops can be played individually or in combination. The specifications are :

Manual   I :    Chimney Flute     8
                            Principal     4
                            Mixture III     1 1/3
Manual   II :  Stopped Diapason 8
                            Spire Flute     4
                            Fifteenth     2
Pedal :             Subbass     16
Couplers:       Manual I to Manual II
                            Manual I to Pedal
                            Manual II to Pedal
Manual Keyboards - 56 notes
Pedal Keyboard - 32 notes.

Orgues Létourneau web site.

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